Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Clash Royale Infographics - Best Strategy Game Ever!

Today I am coming up with a Journey of Clash Royale with you in the form an infographics. Clash Royale is best strategy game ever made or released so far which is developed by Supercell. It has reached around 2 Million downloads so far and people are very much impressed with this game.
There are total 13 levels and three different decks. You need to fight battles and keep moving. It is multiplayer game which let you play against your colleague or friends from across this. It is globally available. It has reached the milestone of 13 Million Dollars so far and receiving around 14,000 daily downloads. Do checkout Clash Royale APK from this link.
Clash Royale is ranked on 6th position among the best strategy games ever made. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone can easily start using this amazing strategy game.
So here you go;

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  1. Really great Infographic on Clash Royale!
    I love that design and all the detailed information that is mention on the infographic.

    thanks for sharing this unique piece of design with us!

    1. Thanks buddy, Keep visiting GetClashRoyaleapk for more articles and guides. It would awesome if you comment with your name so that we can personalize your experience here!